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The Olympia Rally 2024 will be held at territory of Elia for all days long!
Start and finish point will be Olympia central place, and all the routes and tracks will be done close in Elia, Messinia, Achaia, Arcadia territories, in Peloponnese prefecture and municipality.
Enjoy this new Rally with NEW destinations, NEW town, NEW tracks!
Our bivouac will be held at Olympia
The plan for this year: 

Our bivouac will be held at the center of Olympia

1st day the afternoon is the 85kms prologue near the town, near Kaiafas Lake, and later the evening the ceremonial start will take place in the central place of near town Pyrgos.
2nd day we ‘ll ride north, around the mountains of Helmos and Kalavryta for 417 amazing kms
3rd day we ‘ll move to the north west side, round Pineios River and Lake for about 273kms pure rally routes!
4th day, we ‘ll go east side, for a long day to Ladonas River, for 331 to 390kms!
5th day, is a short day, with no more than 200kms, north to Foloi forest, one of the most beautiful forests in Europe!
6th day is the Epilogue

The evening, the ceremonial prize giving will take place at the central place of OLYMPIA, and we close the event with a big Party

We ‘ll be glad to join us at OLYMPIA Rally Raid, for its 1st edition 2024

Total length of the race: 1350 km

20 May 2024 | 1st Stage 85kms, 1 Liasion 9 kms, SSS1 Kaiafas 67kms, 2 Liaison 9kms

21 May 2024 | 2nd Stage 417kms, 1 Liasion 75kms, SS2 Kalavryta 270kms, 2 Liaison 70kms

22 May 2024 | 3rd Stage 273kms, 1 Liasion 30kms, SS3 Pineio Lake 210kms, 2 Liaison 33kms

23 May 2024 | 4th Stage 331-390kms, 1 Liasion 65kms, SS4 Ladonas River 221-280kms, 2 Liaison 45kms

24 May 2025 | 5th Stage 197kms, 1 Liasion 30kms, SS5 Foloi Forest 150kms, 2 Liaison 20kms

25 May 2025 | 6th Stage 67kms, 1 Liasion 15kms, SS5 Olympia Forest 50kms, 2 Liaison 2kms


In Olympia Rally 2024, navigation through entire stage will be made with Road Book. You can ONLY use GPS as a Compass.

GPS are allowed ONLY in a Special Class with modified route, at Rally Challenge Class and Adventure Ride

The GPS tracking and logging device by My-Track GPS Systems, will be given to the competitors by the organization.

This system will be used for tracking competitors’ position and taken for tracking speed competitors in any speed limit zones.

The Route will remain secret until the road book is distributed to the crews on 20:00 of the day before the stage.

Road Book of Olympia Rally 2024, is in standard A5 format for Cars, and in 145 mm wide in roll for Bikes and Quads.

Relative distance note from the previous tulip – note!

Official Road Book is in English.

For at least ten participants from a nation, Olympia Rally Organization will make the description in their mother tongue.

Minimum unit distance is 10 meters and participants must to calibrate their computer the day before the stage in a defined distance given by the organizers.

It is absolutely forbidden to go in the opposite direction of the route and it is not allowed to go off the track. This incurs a penalty.

The route is divided in connection section “liaison” and timed section “special”.

In the liaison section competitors must follow the route with a defined average speed and an exact target time.

The special section is to be covered in the fastest time possible and the sum of all special sections of all stages will define the winner.

Any penalties will be added to this time.