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    The Olympia Rally Concludes with a Challenging Final Stage in a Labyrinth epilogue!

    The Olympia Rally comes to an end after six days of thrilling action. The final stage of the rally was held this last day, and it proved to be a real test of skill and navigation for the riders. The stage was a labyrinth with tricky navigation, a closed course, and a strict speed limit of 50km.

    The riders had to navigate through small tracks, which was filled with hairpin turns, blind corners, and other physical obstacles. The closed course meant that there was no room for error, and the strict speed limit of 50km added an extra layer of challenge to the stage.

    The winner of the final stage was #52 Ferdinand KREIDL, who managed to complete the course in, navigating the labyrinth with ease and precision, followed by #423 Maximillian SCHEK and #301 Christian HAUSER in third.

    The winner of the Olympia rally was #304 Mike WIEDEMANN, second place was taken by #52 Ferdinand KREIDL and third went to #423 Maximillian SCHEK.

    On the Greek side, we had 2 participants in the race, with #51 Christos PELOUSIS on a Suzuki DR 650 finishing 5th overall with a strong performance, while newcomer #62 Dimitris HELIOTIS on a Yamaha Tenere 700 won his category and expressed his enthusiasm for the race!

    “We are thrilled with how the final stage of the Olympia Rally turned out,” said the event organizer Dimitris Athanasoulopoulos. “The labyrinth was a real challenge for the drivers, and it provided an exciting finish to what has been an incredible event. We would like to congratulate Mike WIEDEMANN on his victory and thank all the drivers, teams, and spectators for making this year’s rally such a success.”

    The Olympia Rally has been one of the most exciting events on the rally calendar, and this year’s edition was no exception.

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