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    Olympia Rally Day 2 Race Delivers High-Octane Action

    The 2nd day of the Olympia Rally proved to be another thrilling and action-packed race, sending the participants for a tour around the Kalavryta Mountains. The riders get to see the Skepasto Mountain and then to the Makelaria Monastery leading them to Lousoi and Lakes Cave then up to Zarellia Mountains to reach Feneos lake and the magic village of Zarouchla.

    The day began with the competitors tackling a challenging 200km route that put their endurance, skill, and strategy to the test. The course featured a mix of technical and high-speed sections, with rocky terrain and steep hills.

    As the riders pushed themselves to the limit, the race became increasingly competitive, with the top riders jostling for position. The course proved to be unpredictable, with several challenging navigation points and unexpected obstacles that kept the riders on their toes.

    In the end, it was #304 Mike WIEDEMANN (DE) who emerged as the quickest of the Day 2, completing the stage in a time of 4:07’41”. #52 Ferdinand KREIDL (AT) finished second with a time of 4:14’34”, followed by #423 Maximillian SCHEK (DE) in third place.

    Top 5:
    1. #423 Maximillian
    2. #52 Ferdinand KREIDL
    3. #423 Maximillian SCHEK
    4. #7 Jan ZATKO
    5. #300 Dominik HETZER

    The race continues over the next few days, with even more thrilling action and surprises to come.

    Find more photos in our gallery here

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