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    Greetings rally fans,

    Welcome to the first day of the Olympia Rally! Today marks the beginning of an exciting and thrilling journey as the racers embark on a challenging course that will test the riders skills and endurance to the limit.

    The first day of the Olympia Rally race took place around the Panorama of Kalavryta, with riders get a small taste of what is to come the following days.

    The 50km prologue was an intense mix of technical and high-speed sections. The race took the riders up through the Skepasto hill, up over the mountain of Kerpiniday, and ended the day with the ceremonial start at the city center of Kalavryta.

    At the end of the day, it was #423 Maximillian SCHEK (DE) who emerged as the fastest, completing the stage in a time of 51’27”. #304 Mike WIELDMANN (DE) finished a close second with a time of 53’41”, followed by #52 Ferdinand KREIDL (AT) in third place.

    Fastest of the Greek riders was #63 Dimitris HELIOTIS finishing in 9th and #51 Christos PELOUSIS.

    Top 5:
    1. #423 Maximillian
    2. #304 Mike WIELDMANN
    3. #52 Ferdinand KREIDL
    4. #303 Kamper HELMUT
    5. #24 Marc BOLZ

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