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    Riders completed a challenging journey from Kalavryta to Ancient Olympia.

    They had a tough challenge ahead of them as they navigated through the stunning but challenging terrain. After the beautiful village of Kleitoria, Ladonas Reservoir, and river were a spectacular sight, with their sparkling waters and lush surroundings. The riders tackled the steep hills and winding roads that led to Tropaia village. Ancient Vanena was another highlight of the journey, with its historic ruins and breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. But the most magical part was the Erymanthos river parallel road, on the big canyon, with very tough uphills and downhills! Before Lalas Village, the famous Foloi forest with tall trees was the cherry on the cake!

    The first to finish the stage was #53 Ferdinand KREIDL with a time of 3:11’11”. Second was #49 Roman GRUBER with a time of 3:17’30”. However, yesterday’s first-place rider #304 Mike WIEDEMANN made a mistake, pushing him back to 3rd place with a time of 3:23’12”. Despite this setback, Mike Wiedemann still remains in first place overall.

    Top 5:
    1. #52 Ferdinand KREIDL
    2. #49 Roman GRUBER
    3. #304 Mike WIELDMANN
    4. #423 Maximillian SCHEK
    5. #24 Marc BOLZ