Olympia Rally Day 5

 ALX3670Day 5 and another long day for the riders, in a high altitude on the Erymanthos Mountain.

Olympia Rally Day 6

 ALX3670The Olympia Rally finished with the small racing day of 40 km around Ancient Olympia

Olympia Rally Day 4

 ALX3670The longest racing day was the day 4, with 280 km of special stage in 3 counties! Ilia, Messinia and Arcadia!

Olympia Rally Day 3

 ALX3670After the big liaison stage yesterday, the participants got back to racing with SS3 SamikoZacharo.

Olympia Rally Day 2

 ALX3670Due to the change for SS2, Day 2 at Olympia Rally was converted to a liaison stage, the organization of Olympia Rally wanted to pay tribute to the participant Jan Simunek after his loss.

Olympia Rally Day 1

 ALX3670Day 1 of Olympia Rally is the prologue, taking the participants to Smerna after a pass by the Alifios River Dam.

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