Olympia Rally SS5 Touching the Heavens.


SS5 was one of the highest in altitude levels of the rally. After the rain the previous day the riders made their way up a 2000km level altitude to the Eymanthos mountains starting from Kladeos river to Lasdikas, Doukas Milies, Foloi and Koumani just to mention a few. Then, up the Erymanthos mountain, in a landscape full of stones! downhill to the north side, and up again to Astras village, to the south side finishing at the fantastic traditional village of Lambia.

Thousands of curves and U-turns, after an unforgetable Special Stage of 165kms…

First to finish the stage was #28 Rick van VEEN and second was #23 Lejon FOKKEMA and third to finish the stage was #31 wolfgang PAYR.

#46 Kostantinos CHATZIMICHALIS finished in 10th and #51 Christos PELOUSIS finished in 18th.

Overall Classification for Olympia Rally 2020

#28 Rick van VEEN
#303 Timo HEINEN
#23 Lejon FOKKEMA
#31 Wolfgang PAYR
#320 Moritz HENNEFELD
#46 Konstantinos CHATZIMICHALIS
#26 Peter JANSEN
#37 Onno ELLENS

In the classes first to finish were:

Class 1: #11 Lily May MANSUY
Class 2: #28 Rick van VEEN
Class 3: #303 Timo HEINEN
Class 4: #46 Konstantinos CHATZIMICHALIS
Class 5: #51 Christos PELOUSIS
Lite Class: #91 Adriaan WIJNEN
Womens Class: #11 Lily May MANSUY
Veterans Class: #24 Ard VERMEULEN

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