Hello Olympia Rally friends and fans!

Good news for 2023 edition!

Olympia Rally is moving North, changing town, starting point and tracks!
We will start our race at Kalavryta, the famous historic town of Peloponnese!
Beautiful surroundings, riding on the ridge of the hills beside the town,
going to the Ski
center of Helmos Mountain “playing” with the snow,
and then laying down the seaside area
of Corinthian Gulf!
Last days we move to Olympia through Erymanthos Mountain, Ladonas River,
and Foloi
National Park Forest.
We finish at the lovely place we started a couple of years ago… in the
Ancient Place of Olympic Games!
Six days of Rally Raid on the Peloponnese mountains, in a perfect terrain, and a marvelous
Take a view of the amazing town of Kalavrita here
Carpe Diem and book now to ensure your discount entry fee!

Olympa Rally Team "No Rally No Cry!"

You can see beautiful Kalavryta here: https://olympiarally.com/index.php/location/kalavrita/kalavrita-town 

Bivouac at Kalavrytahttps://goo.gl/maps/zsGRgKY6jMQL8QiJA 

Bivouac at the finish, at Olympiahttps://goo.gl/maps/vpymxiikQW4RrsDD6 

And some around attractions of the area:

Helmos Mountain: https://olympiarally.com/index.php/location/kalavrita/helmos

Monasteries: https://olympiarally.com/index.php/location/kalavrita/monasteries

Odontotos Famous Train: https://olympiarally.com/index.php/location/kalavrita/odontodos-train

Lakes' Cave: https://olympiarally.com/index.php/location/kalavrita/lakes-cave

Olympia Rally 2023 Edition Details

Place – Town

  • Kalavryta: 2 hours from Athens - Peloponnese
    • Small town in the mountain / Ski resort
    • Nice food, a lot of sightseeing
  • Olympia: 3 hours from Athens – 2h from Kalavryta
    • Small village near the sea, beautiful Ancient Site
    • The place where the Olympic games born

Administration – Papers

  • Passport / License to drive
  • National race license from federation, and
  • Starting Permission for FIM Europe race EMN 36/315
  • Bike license / bike insurance & green card
  • Rally Challenge: Non competitive - No license!
    • GPS or Roadbook navigation


  • 22th April Paddocks open at Kalavryta
  • 23-24th Technical Control – Prologue Kalavryta
  • 27th We leave Kalavryta to Olympia
  • 29th Last day at Olympia – Ceremony – Party
  • So, 22-26th we stay at Kalavryta
  • 27-29th we stay at Olympia


  • 6 Days race. 3 long days, and 3 short
  • 1st Prologue (Kalavryta) 40 - 70 kms
  • 2nd – 3rd round Kalavryta, 250 – 320 kms
  • 4th day we travel from Kalavryta to Olympia
  • 5th day round Olympia
  • / 6th Epilogue 50 – 80 kms (Olympia)

Race Plan

  • Refuel – Autonomy: 140-150 kms
  • Rally Challenge: Roadbook or GPS – No License
  • Rookies Trophy
  • Veterans (>50) & Legends (>60) Trophy
  • Women Class
  • Overall Class

Rally Challenge

  • Non competitive, but you have your trophy
  • 60-70% of the normal track
  • Bypass Difficulties / Out hard trails!
  • More easy route with 30-50% asphalt
  • You ride as you wish!
  • The is NO retirement!

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