Olympia Rally Day 5


Day 5 and another long day for the riders, in a high altitude on the Erymanthos Mountain. The start was from the Kladeos River, to Lasdikas, Doukas, Milies, Koumani, Klinda till Panopoulos. Then up to the top of the Erymanthos Mountain, to continue beside the Pinios River to the Foloi Forest.

First to finish the stage was #4 Stefan SVITKO with a time of 4h06’25”, just a few seconds behind was #5 Tobias EBSTER. 3rd to finish the stage was #234 Llewelyn SULLIVAN PAVEY.

The 6th day, is the Epilogue of the Rally, just 40 kms of Labyrinth with hard navigation near Olympia.

Top 5 Riders:

1. #4 Stefan SVITKO
2. #5 Tobias EBSTER
3. #234 Llewelyn SULLIVAN PAVEY
4. #302 Maikel SMITS
5. #320 Vladimir PREIS

Overall After Day 5

1. #4 Stefan SVITKO
2. #5 Tobias EBSTER
3. #302 Maikel SMITS
4. #320 Vladimir PREIS
5. #234 Llewelyn SULLIVAN PAVEY




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