This 1st year, the Rally will be done at Olympia Village! With a lot of different destinations, beautiful tracks, and full of greenlands!

Our bivouac will be held at the center of Olympia

The plan for this Rally:
We start the race from Olympia every day,
1st day the afternoon is the 85kms prologue near the town, near Kaiafas Lake, and later the evening the ceremonial start will take place in the central place of near town Pyrgos.
2nd day we 'll ride north, around the mountains of Helmos and Kalavryta for 417 amazing kms
3rd day we 'll move to the north west side, round Pineios River and Lake for about 273kms pure rally routes!
4th day, we 'll go east side, for a long day to Ladonas River, for 331 to 390kms!
5th day, is a short day, wint no more than 2000kms, north to Foloi forest, one of the most beautiful forests in Europe!

The evening, the ceremonial prize giving will take place at the central place of OLYMPIA, and we close the event with a big Party

We 'll be glad to join us at OLYMPIA Rally Raid, for its 1st edition 2021

Total length of the race: 1350 km

8 June 2021 | 1st Stage 85kms, 1 Liasion 9 kms, SSS1 Kaiafas 67kms, 2 Liaison 9kms

9 June 2021 | 2nd Stage 417kms, 1 Liasion 75kms, SS2 Kalavryta 270kms, 2 Liaison 70kms

10 June 2021 | 3rd Stage 273kms, 1 Liasion 30kms, SS3 Pineio Lake 210kms, 2 Liaison 33kms

11 June 2021 | 4th Stage 331-390kms, 1 Liasion 65kms, SS4 Ladonas River 221-280kms, 2 Liaison 45kms

12 June 2021 | 5th Stage 197kms, 1 Liasion 30kms, SS5 Foloi Forest 150kms, 2 Liaison 20kms

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