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Superfast Ferries m Olympia rally


    Superfast Ferries supports once again the Olympia Rally, and offers discount prices to our competitors. Below are the details that Super Fast Ferries will provide: FOR PASSENGERS & VEHICLES, TRUCKS… Read More »SUPERFAST FERRIES

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      Our new services are here! If you are concerned about the budget for your first rally, maybe this can help:  You can rent a full rally equipment for a minimum… Read More »BRAAAP GOAT

      ALX2017 Olympia rally


        About the Starting Permission: You can participate with your National License with a starting Permission Letter from your Federation to and/or for EMN No 36/293 If there is no… Read More »STARTING PERMISSION

        DJI 0162 Olympia rally


          MY-TRACK NEEDS ELECTRICITY The famous GPS tracking system from, that makes the Olympia Rally’s safety plan perfect, will use GPS trackers specialized for bikes and cars. We need to… Read More »MY-TRACK

          ALX6497 Olympia rally

          RACE PLAN

            This 1st year, the Rally will be done at Olympia Village! With a lot of different destinations, beautiful tracks, and full of greenlands! Our bivouac will be held at the… Read More »RACE PLAN